Profile Photo Kylie Instinctive Graphics Founder

Kylie – Graphic Design

Kylie is our resident graphic designer with 16 diverse years of design experience across a variety of mediums. Graphic Design is her passion and she loves making visual dreams a reality with brilliant graphics and loves bringing joy to her clients with a quality finished product.

Nick Profile Photo

Nick – The Delivery Guy

Nick doesn't have an artistic bone in his body, he leaves all of that to Kylie. He says he's more suited to delivering our wonderful quality products across Melbourne, along with his trusty sidekick Gracie of course. 

Gracie Profile Photo

Gracie – Head of Security

She may be cute, but she's got a mean bark, but don't let that fool you, a single pat and you'll be her best friend forever. If she's not sleeping on the couch, she's out riding along with Nick dispatching stationery. 

Emma Profile

Emma – Merchandising and Networking Lead

Emma is the newest member to our team, and it’s like she’s been with us all along. With a background as an events operation manager, Emma is responsible for the superb styling of our Expo displays. She also assists us with our networking and social media platforms.

Kerrie Profile Photo

Kerrie – Sounding Board

Kerrie has been a proud supporter and sounding board of Instinctive Graphics since it's conception. Kerrie is one of our valued behind the scenes team members an essential part to play in every small business. You may also meet her at one of our bigger wedding expos.